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An introduction to diamonds

Diamond Cuts

The cut is the most important characteristic of a diamond. When you see diamonds selling for prices that are too good to be true, it is usually because they are cut poorly.

Diamond Color

Diamonds boast an entire range of colors, from faint yellow or brown to rare pinks, blues and even greens. The best color for a diamond is a lack of color. It is the totally colorless diamond that allows white light to pass through it effortlessly, dispersed as rainbows of color.

Diamond Clarity

Almost all diamonds have imperfections (jewelers call them inclusions). Clarity measures how many, or how few, of these inclusions occur within a diamond. The scale ranges from FL (flawless) to I3 (having many imperfections that are easily visible to the naked eye).

Diamond Carat Weight

About the weighing and measuring of diamonds.

Diamond Certification

A certified diamond is a diamond that comes with documentation from an independent testing laboratory. The certificate gives measurements for the diamond, as well as diamond grades for each key characteristic. In addition, the certificate gives a detailed diagram of the diamondís inclusions. (This will allow you to verify that the diamond you are holding matches the certificate).

Diamond Shapes

The first thing to decide when purchasing a diamond is the shape of the stone. There are nine major shapes of cut diamonds.

Rough Diamond in Volcanic Rock Matrix
Hearts and Arrows ( H and A ) diamond - IDEAL CUT - AGS000
Natural Fancy Yellow Intense Princess Cut Diamond Ekati Diamond Mine in Canada
Fancy Yellow Color Natural Diamonds The Hope Diamond in Washington DC - Natural Blue Diamond
Lighter Blue Fancy Diamond A collage of Cut Diamonds from Belgium
Rough Diamond Crystal Before Polishing
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